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Serious Lip Balm Set of 3

Serious Lip Balm Set of 3


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Is anyone out there a chapstick lover like us?  Or know someone who is?   Then these are perfect!   Available in several set of 3 options...

Pocket Full of Sunshine....frosted cupcake, tropical milkshake, and rainbow sherbet

One Hot B*tch...sangria, pina colada, and margarita

Fa La La...Figgy Pudding, Candy Cane, Hot Buttered Rum

Birthday B*tch...strawberry champagne, frosted cupcake, creme brulee

The Sweet Tooth...tootsie pop, juicy fruit, caramel cream


These are seriously amazing (hence the name)!   They contain the best essential oils and all the great stuff to make your lips smooth and moisturized.   Handmade in Illinois too! Makes a great gift for a friend or yourself!   They are all bagged up and totally giftable as is. 


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