How The Boutique Mom's Manage [Happy Mother's Day!]

How The Boutique Mom's Manage [Happy Mother's Day!]

Managing schedules [ours, the shop's, kids', and husbands’!], videos, new inventory, and keeping ourselves going is a lot for anyone to handle.

How do we do it?

We get by with a little help from our favorite wine opener, however, we are stocked up on equally fun ways to wind down and enjoy this hardworking, boss mom life at J Boutique!

We’re sharing our go-to destressing routines for Mother’s Day gift inspiration, or of course, ideas to treat yourself for the B.A. mom YOU are!

Jenn “A glass of wine or any sort of alcoholic beverage and sit on my back deck. My kids are allowed free reign of their electronics while I destress!”

We vision many summer nights on our deck, pairing it with a drink and some lit candles! J has both for you. Stop in or browse our can and bottle koozies - check out our candle and wax melt collection!

Jill “I destress by snuggling up with my kids and watching our favorite family shows. Or, an alcoholic beverage and hanging out with friends!”

Skincare and self-care go hand in hand, so don’t neglect it! J Boutique and our site are stocked with face masks - fun for you and the family. Double up on the pampering with a bath bomb, another favorite way to de-stress.

Jody “My go-to way to destress is a hard workout, daily devotions, meditating & visualizing before the sun is up. Or a nice drink and date nights with the hubby!”

The perfect pair to an unwinding workout is a headband! Shop our favorites & athleisure line - remember, the cuter the workout wardrobe, the more likely you will enjoy working out ;)







And the honorable mention - Sphynx Portable Razor and refill packs. The PERFECT gift your mom will actually use! If you think it’s easy to fit in time to shave as a working mom, think again, so please make it easier on us with our essential emergency tool.


-With Love,

J Boutique NE


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