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A Candle For...

A Candle For...


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Burn Time: 60 hours, Net Wt: 17 oz, Contains: soy wax, coloring, and fragrance

A Candle For...

Birthday Blues smells like every birthday after 21. Which is cool, because I'm still 21... just like every year. I never get carded anymore. And I'm STILL 21. Pinky swear. Will you stop counting already?! SCENT: SAD BIRTHDAY CAKE

Thirsty Thursday smells like we aren't going to make it to the weekend. Just likeevery week... meet me after work? Gin, not vodka. Vodka, not gin. Eh, just make it a double and dirty. SCENT: DIRTY MARTINI

Friday Feels smells like my second favorite f word. It's almost weekend o'clock and I'm ready to get my drink on. Enhances good vibes. Staves off Mondays. Is it 5 yet? SCENT: LUNCHTIME COCKTAIL

F*ck!ng Meetings smells like this could have been an email. And this is why I drink. Per. My. Last email. SCENT: BOURBON IN MY COFFEE

Teachers smells like grading papers... even on your honeymoon. Or at least not having PTSD from it. Idk, CAN you go to the bathroom? Don't you dare say "Wikipedia". I just realized I don't even like kids. SCENT: POISONED APPLES

Zero Carbs smells like starving to death. Thank god for vodka. I. Need. Bread. SCENT: CUCUMBER WATER

Okay Moms smells like truth. And wine. Probably a lot of wine. Pairs well with nap time and is also tired of perfect moms. Your kids love you anyway. SCENT: SIPPY CUP WINE

Hot Messes smells like major entertainment. Seriously, I can't wait to hear your latest installment! Encourages late nights, enhances walks of shame, and knows the best happy hours. SCENT: CHEAP LIP GLOSS

Gettin' Lit smells like lunchtime cocktails and other bad ideas. But I like bad ideas. Meet me around noon? Who cares if it's only Tuesday? It'll break up the week... Let's Do This! SCENT: UMBRELLA DRINKS

Sh!t Shows smells like last night.... anddd basically my whole life, in case you were wondering. I did what?! So THAT'S how I got that bruise... it was fun, though, right? SCENT: FIREBALL SHOTS

Zero F*cks smells like you have none left to give. And frankly, I don't blame you. Much. Tired. Of. It. SCENT: CREAMSICLE

Classy AF smells like sink bathing and dry shampoo. And then dressed up to get messed up. Champagne in a solo cup - check. Heels at the gym - check. Mani-pedi before sentencing - check? SCENT:  THE LITTLE BLACK CANDLE

Day Drinking smells like Saturday. And Sunday. And Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and you get the drill. Pairs well with daytime TV, helps pass the time, and seamless segue into nighttime drinking. SCENT: MOJITOS

Parent Teachers smells like a second or third or fourth job. I'm gonna need a stiff drink or six. The quadratic WHAT? Can't YouTube show you? Field trip! SCENT: 2019 NOSTALGIA

Stoners smells like Colorado. It's 4:20 somewhere. Gateway light source, antagonizes DEA, approved for medicinal purposes. SCENT: CANNABIS

Working from Home smells like video calls that could (~read: should~) have been emails. At least nobody can smell the whiskey in that coffee mug. Pants-free devices, panic-based overcompensation, and usually buzzed. SCENT: WHISKEY WITH A SPLASH OF COFFEE

Tiger King smells like meth. And that b!tch Carole Baskin. Enhances your mullet, looks good on a throne, and teeth are optional. SCENT: SARDINE OIL ON YOUR BOOT

Besties smells like petty gossip and a lot of venting. So drink up, buttercup. 'Cuz we're not doing this sober. No one else gets us. Who cares. Support your local girl gang! SCENT: GRAPE HARD SELTZER

Calm The F Down smells like just breathe. (This too shall pass, and other platitudes that might be full of sh!t.) Live, laugh, haha, f*ck that! SCENT: RAIN STICK 


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